Call Center

TheBDRTeam provides 30 years of Sales Expertise

  • Sales Team. uses Solution Sales Methodology
  • Consulting, Svcs, IT, Software, RE, B2Gov, B2B B2C
  • Telemarketers make 3 calls  per no contact leads
  • Email Marketing: 3 recurring emails automated to nurture.
  • CSRs are fielding Inbound Calls from Open emails
  • Our reps have 5+ years experience or not hired.
  • Hire one rep or a team for a project
  • Plans starting from $99 + up

$99 Mo Plan

Experienced P/T CSR Phone Rep for Odds & Ends or Follow-ups

10 Hours Month

Need a rep for a couple of hours a week to follow up on leads & CSR work?

$795 Mo Plan

Why hire a full-time rep when conversions only happen at peak hours?

Peak Time Availability

1 Rep; Peak Time Calls,  Email Automation 1k,  We call Opens Unlimited Appts

$1495 Mo Plan

Appointment Setting, Email Marketing, Leads Included, 2 Reps

F/T Telemarketer, BDR, CSR

2 Reps; Peak Time Calls,  Email Automation 2k,  We call Opens Unlimited Appts

$3,000 Mo Plan

Appointments, Email Marketing, Leads, 3 Reps, Landing Page

Experienced BDR Team ready to go.

3 Reps; Peak Time Calls,  Email Automation 5k,  We call Opens Unlimited Appts
Buy Now $99
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Buy Now $1,495
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Why Choose Us

  • TheBDRTeam takes pride in becoming your company’s marketing backbone
  • Experts in Website Svcs, Marketing Solutions,  & Call Center Strategy
  • With references and most of our business earned by word of mouth
  • We are confident this will be your last Marketing Stop

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